Modern heirlooms made to be treasured for a life-time
Let's bring your dream to life together.
Following the popularity of our hand-embellished dresses, Clio Peppiatt now provides a bespoke service for unique, finely crafted or beaded womenswear.
What is Clio Peppiatt Bespoke?
A true collaboration between client and designer. In response to your ideas, hand-painted motifs are designed by Clio Peppiatt to decorate a silhouette especially designed for and chosen by you. Hand-beaded in our staple style by our highly skilled artisanal workshop, these designs are transformed into a completely unique, exquisitely detailed, made-to-measure creation.
To make our bespoke beaded creations even more special, we pioneer a sustainable and ethical process. Each bespoke piece uses a fabric base made from recycled fibres and reclaimed beads. We believe there's nothing more special than creating a treasured garment that also supports a circular economy and gives a new lease of life to traditional crafts endangered by global mass production.
How long does a Bespoke piece take?
For each project, we ask that you give us 10 weeks to complete your piece.
This includes an initial consultation and fitting from which Clio Peppiatt will create designs, motifs and a perfectly fitting garment.
We like to do 2 - 3 fittings per bespoke piece. However, consultations for bespoke can also be done via video call and clothing sizes.
Fitting appointments are available at either our London or Paris studios or at your residence.
Our Bespoke prices vary depending on length of the piece and level of detail.
The starting price for a bespoke mini dress is £2,500.
To get a quote for your very own piece of Clio Peppiatt couture, please make an enquiry following the link below including any ideas you've had for your beautiful bespoke creation and we will get straight back to you.